Château Bel-Air La Royère - Grand vin de Bordeaux - Blaye - Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux

Château Bel Air La Royère, a small business that values its employees in the designation of Blaye, Blaye côtes de Bordeaux has distinguished itself thanks to its outstanding wines.


A family passion

A family passion
A family passion

Originating from Charente, and a producer of cognac. The Chevrier-Loriaud family, a fourth generation wine family fell in love with this ancient property during the year 1992 in Gironde. In restoring this vineyard to its original glory, an elegant wine was born. Dynamic in taste, going from strength to strength to become the spirit of innovation and quality of Bel-Air La Royère. Reflecting the evolving style, and definitive regional touch of Blaye. These wines pays homage to a remarkably skilled family.

The Malbec is an ancient grape variety which from its humble beginnings has become the perfect vine to create a truly remarkable wine. This Malbec highlights the Château since 1995, it enriches the blend with spicy notes and deep subtle flavours.

Corinne Chevrier-Loriaud built her vineyard with a skilled team comprised entirely of women working the vines just as she did in the wine house. Whilst at the same time, continually on the hunt for soil types that work perfectly with the Merlot-Malbec blend to provide a wine bursting in finesse and her touch of savoir-faire.




In the search of excellence

Wine house
Wine house

We are a small winemaking team on 12 hectares. Always close to our vines, our wines and our customers.

We have been in the business of environmentally friendly and sustainable farming for many years in order to keep our soils durable and to support our flourishing grapevines.  Additionally, we are looking above all else to provide products that reflect our land’s unique quality.

Our size allows us to innovate every year and experiment with new techniques in order to obtain wines of the highest quality.

Our ambition allows us to grow internationally.




Rediscovering Malbec


Corinne Chevrier-Loriaud, winemaker since 1992 highlights the Malbec grape in creating the Merlot-Malbec blend.

Every step in the process of working the vine is important, after the size, wedging, folding, cutting the unneeded branches, raising the branches, topping and trimming, thinning out the leaves, the grapes are now ready for harvesting. All the grapes on our aged vines are harvested by hand in order to preserve the integrity of the fruit and the vine.

In our cellars and after the destemming, we manually sort the harvest. We adapt to the vintage and our soil for the rest of the winemaking process. The aging process is done in barrels, different coopers are then selected following the harvest.

With each vintage being different, we are constantly adapting to emphasise our personality in the wine.



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